Here is the final instalment of Outsourcing A-Z, across a number of blog posts we have shown how The DDC Group covers a variety of outsourcing tasks.

We admit that this final instalment has been challenging, but we have done it! Outsourcing A to Z…

V for Volumes
A key driver behind our customer’s decision to outsource is often the ability to handle varying volumes of work. The project may be campaign based, or seasonal. Therefore, any resource needs to flex to meet the peaks and troughs experienced. It can be a costly exercise to handle this inhouse, whereas, an outsourcing partner is structured to handle this. In terms of people, and operational space. To discuss how we can help you reduce the strain on your resource, get in touch now.

W for Worksop
The home of DDC Outsourcing Solutions UK is based in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. On the edge of Sherwood Forest, the history of Robin Hood runs through this central location. With major transport links passing through the town, it is the ideal strategic location. The town, is recorded in the 1066 Doomsday book, and has since benefited from a canal (1777), a railway line (1849), and saw a huge boom thanks to its sizable coal seams. The people of Worksop have been vital to our success and we look forward to many more successful years in this historic town.

X is for… X-factor?
It may seem as though we are desperately trying to complete the alphabet… maybe… but none the less, we believe that we have that something different. Our people are at the heart of what we do, and every day they are working hard to over-deliver against challenging targets in difficult business climates. They are our X-factor, so, why not see how they can help transform your business? It’s what we have been supporting them to do for 30 years.

Y is for Yabba Dabba Doo
Our CEO, Jan Trevalyan, and his family have run the Yabba Dabba Doo since 2015, raising thousands of pounds on behalf of The Christie Charity. Each year, the family runs the fundraising event at their home in Lancashire in support of proton beam therapy research.

Proton beam therapy is particularly effective for treating children with certain cancers who are at risk of lasting damage to organs that are still growing. The proton beam therapy research room at The Christie will allow a team of the best scientists, engineers and clinicians in the world to better understand how protons interact and how this pioneering treatment can be harnessed to cure further cancers.

Jan says of his support: “I think it’s important to give back where you can. Research can only help improve future treatments ensuring the outcomes for our little ones with cancer are the best they can be. Indeed, they may grow up to be our future doctors, lawyers and leaders of the world.”

The Yabba Dabba Doo is held in November each year. More information can be found at:

Facebook Page


Z is for ZZZ
OK, we admit this one is a stretch but bear with us… Whilst we all need to ‘catch some z’s’ each night, business never sleeps. With 12 global locations, our operations run around the clock. This ensures we can fulfil our client’s needs, even if that requires 24-hour processing. To see how our hybrid model – near, on and offshore – can support you, take a look here.

And that is Outsourcing A-Z with The DDC Group.