Outsourcing’s reputation certainly took a hit last year, even the biggest in the industry it seemed could be found in troubled waters. So, throw in the digital age and its relentless ability to make once tiresome manual tasks simple, will Outsourcing survive? Dr Utz in his recent article with the same name, posed the question – ‘Is Outsourcing Out?’* – it appears the answer is no. 

The key point here is that “outsourcing often still proves to be 3-4 times more cost-efficient than digital solutions.” Yet, let us not take this as a false sense of security. The world is changing even if slower than some expected.

So as outsourcers, what role do we play? A traditional one, whereby we support our clients with manpower and basic processes until their planned digital transformations become more affordable? Certainly not. Do we then become innovators ourselves? Predicting what our client base may need, investing heavily in technology to ensure we are at the forefront, the go-to provider for new solutions? Well in principle this sounds great, but it’s both a risk in terms of your financial stability and requires placing a lot of trust in your digital predictions.

Here at DDC Outsourcing Solutions UK, our hybrid philosophy is at the heart of our response. We have utilised a hybrid approach in terms of our locations, proving solutions that can work across multiple locations to the benefit of the client, whether that be a price factor, language factor or quality, the right locations come together to deliver the right solution.

So how does this answer the question of digital transformation versus a traditional outsourcing model? Simple – we deliver exactly what is needed for our clients at the time that it is needed. We work in partnership with our clients enabling us to understand their journey. We recognise the timeframes in which our clients may need a new digital innovation, and we work with them to plan its implementation. Further, we continually look internally at our own processes and consider where an investment in technology can deliver a better service to our clients.

DDC OS will continue to provide people, skilled and educated teams of people capable of delivering exceptional results. We will invest in technology to ensure we remain a highly competitive outsourcer. And, we will continue to work in partnership with our clients to develop their digital strategy. Outsourcing is in – and will stay that way. It’s an ever adapting and shifting industry, it survives by constant reinvention, as it always has.