We are delighted to announce our heroes for the final quarter of the year. This time around we have three deserving employees to announce as winners, as well as two special awards.

In 1st place, congratulations go to Jon Kane!
Nominated by a number of employees for his commitment towards a client project. Unfortunately, Jon was involved in a car accident which left him a little shook up, however, with his supervisor absent, he was the only member of staff on the project. So rather than leave and compromise client deadlines he stayed to ensure completion of that day’s tasks.
Jon displayed his loyalty to DDC OS that day and we are delighted to be able to reward him for this. Fortunately, he has now recovered and his work ethic continues to impress his supervisors. Well done Jon and thank you.

In 2nd place, congratulations go to Lydia Franklin!
Recognised by members of staff from different areas of the business Lydia has been acknowledged for her fantastic and supportive attitude.
Lydia in recent times has managed the whole sales team, achieving better than targeted results in conversion and compliance. She has since retrained to work within Customer Services and is considered a lead agent. Many colleagues have commented on her positive attitude, her daily input is over and above what is expected and the client is directly benefitting from her approach. Thank you, Lydia, keep up the great work.

In 3rd place, congratulations go to David O’Brien!
Dave has been noticed for his commitment to his role and the support he has provided to other areas of the business.
During a time of technical difficulties with the internal servers, Dave instead of leaving at 4:30pm was here long past 8pm in order to keep the servers up and running. This allowed other areas of the business to complete their required work and provide the excellent standard of service we strive to provide our clients. We appreciate your commitment, Dave.

A huge well done to our three heroes this month. As mentioned previously, though, we do have a couple of extra rewards this month.
Customer Hero – Congratulations got to Mike Blumenthal for this. He has taken control of a large charities project and ran it from initial design to completion. His dedication was noted by the client who took the time to contact us and spoke of his regular and clear communication that display his vast knowledge. Well done Mike!

Support Hero
– this special mention goes to Ian Brooks, our onsite cleaner. Ian has displayed a great work ethic, supporting staff where he can, taking the time to meet extra requests and performing his duties to a high level. He is extremely friendly and speaks to everyone. Adam Hawley commented that; “Ian is always willing to learn from constructive feedback.” Thanks for your support Ian.