DDC Heroes – Q4 2017

We are excited to see what fantastic work is rewarded throughout 2018 through the DDC Heroes scheme. However, it’s not too late to reward those who shone in the final quarter of 2017.

1st Place – Chloe Hale

Based in the Charities department, during a time of change Chloe has clearly impressed her colleagues with three nominations.

What stands out clearly is Chloe’s ability to work independently and consistently smash her targets, averaging 128% on a daily basis. It’s not uncommon for it to be chaotic in the charities department but the team were eager to note Chloe’s ability to keep a calm head and still deliver a high level of work. Many of the team have benefitted from her attitude to work and she is more than happy to stay late to ensure clients are satisfied.

2nd Place – Nicole Stevens

Nicole, also of the Charities department has been recognised for her hard work in implementing process improvements across all client projects. This has led to some excellent feedback from our clients who have really appreciated Nicole’s efforts. This is a great example of how every step in the process directly impacts on client satisfaction.

3rd Place – Chloe Smith, Symon Mosforth-Pedlow and Sophie Pocklington.  

Due to unforeseen requirements, these three agents returned to work after finishing their shifts to support their campaign. This shows real dedication and a willingness to help. The whole team was grateful for the support they received. All three deserve credit for reacting quickly and ensuring no loss of service to the client.

We’d also like to take a moment to give special thanks to Leslie Pike, who received some fantastic feedback from a customer of one of our clients. This customer was so impressed they took the time to write to us directly as well as the client, who of course was delighted. Great stuff Leslie!

Thank you to all of our Heroes, keep up the hard work!