Our latest ‘Day in the Life’ piece focuses on our Service Centre Director Neil Kirkland. Let’s take a look at Neil’s typical kind of day…

Laying the foundations for the day is done by checking the latest contact centre and industry-relevant news, checking in on client needs and reviewing the status of potential new contracts.

With the morning contact centre and client review complete, I will then go through the Management Information (MI) for the previous day for each client. I liaise with operational teams to understand variations in performance levels and investigate how we can carry on continually improving our service levels.

Next, I will engage in a daily conference call to discuss the progress of certain projects. As a member of the NEXUS project board, this is our current undertaking. The way data is shared across the gas industry is changing and we want to stay ahead of the game.

The afternoon’s tasks include catching up with one of our Client Relationship Managers (CRM’s), Jade Gash. I make sure to provide both operational and contextual information so that CRM’s are able to more effectively develop relationships with existing customers.

The cornerstone of our operation is the staff. In the afternoon, I like to get out and about on the floor talking to agents. This allows me to understand what’s challenging them with their day-to-day delivery and see if there are barriers I can help them either overcome/remove.
During my available time, I also enjoy talking to the recruitment and training teams in HR to understand our latest position with regard to new starters. With this information, I am able to help make sure we have enough staff to fulfil the needs of all our clients and that our training modules are up-to-date and we have the right level of information to get new starters working effectively.
My typical day is always busy and bustling; it’s demanding, varied and exciting.
Thank you for sharing Neil; if you’d like to learn more about our Customer Lifecycle solution then feel free to contact us or check out more here.