This week sees the start of National Curry Week, and as countless polls have confirmed over the years, we know we are a nation of curry lovers.

Over the past 18 months we are all probably guilty of eating a few more takeaways than normal thanks to lockdowns and the pandemic, but has the traditional takeaway been replaced by more sleek operations? 

According to KPMG, one in five brits ordered a takeaway from a restaurant that previously only opened for dine-in during the pandemic. One of the biggest winners of this trend is Dishoom. The Irani café/Indian restaurant chain came to everyone’s awareness when they launched their bacon naan roll kit, nationwide. 

With restaurants mainly in London and with only one restaurant in the North (Manchester) the bacon naan roll is a fantastic example of how you can take your product, ethos and personality and raise awareness of your brand to an audience that never knew you existed.  

Personality and ethos 

When Dishoom launched breakfast in their restaurants, people thought they were mad. An Indian restaurant serving breakfast doesn’t make much sense.  ‘The bacon naan has been on the menu since day one, but in the early days, people thought an Indian restaurant serving breakfast was crazy,’ co-founder Kavi Thakrar told Time magazine. 

The whole experience of your bacon naan roll at home is in line with their brand. Their box is beautifully designed, and the ingredients are the same as the ones used in their restaurants. Each kit is prepared by their chef-wallas and contains smoked streaky bacon from Ramsay of Carluke, three naan doughballs, Dishoom’s signature tomato-chilli jam, fresh coriander and cream cheese.  

This is backed up with video tutorials and the knowledge that with every box ordered, Dishoom donate a meal to Magic Breakfast their charity partner that provides free, nutritious meals to children who would otherwise go hungry.  


Customer Experience 

The unboxing experience of the bacon naan roll is special, and you can see from hashtags on Instagram that the merchandising of this product does not go unnoticed by customers. 

Since launching the bacon naan roll in June 2020, they have gone on to offer a feasting experience, which again is well merchandised, contains quality products and endears you to the brand. 

So, after enjoying our bacon naan rolls at home we are heading to our nearest Dishoom restaurant to experience the brand in full this week, who’s joining us?