Tell us more about the award and what it was for?

HRO Today is a Global HR membership channel and community; they unite HR, L&D, and Talent Acquisition practitioners, discuss best practice, share skills, and knowledge. There are monthly publications, webinars, and seminars.

The association is split into geographic regions and I am actively involved in the community groups for HRO EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa). Within the EMEA they award an HRD of the Year for different business categories across the regional areas – these are nomination led, then you have an open discussion panel with the CEO and previous winners. These are then presented during their annual conferences – these are amazing events that give HR professionals an opportunity to network, share success and a glass of wine.

I was nominated by a peer for the For-Profit / Small Enterprise award (I don’t know who by) for the work that we completed on well-being, performance management, LDP and for being an “employee champion” – so often HR is based on numbers and analytics, but for me, it is bringing it back to basics and remembering the human element.

 What does it mean to yourself and the HR team to achieve this award?

For me, it’s a fantastic achievement for a growing Company, and to be rewarded for doing something that lives and breathes our values. I was personally given the award, but for me, it’s a team effort – from John and Simon allowing me the autonomy to get on with coordinating these programmes, and for understanding the importance of well-being with employees. All of our managers also played an intrinsic part as they supported the LDP and other tasks.

I also think that its great that the award is nomination led, as opposed to something that we sponsor, etc.

What did you have to do to get entered for the award?

I do not know! Its nomination led, so a fellow professional provided some of our blogs / my personal blogs and sent it though! I must have been OK as they invited me to join a telephone panel with the HRO Today CEO and some previous winners – I was giving a real grilling, and they loved the fact that I openly, and passionately talked about people, as people and not numbers. For me it`s not an FTE or ahead, it’s a person with real hopes, dreams and career aspirations. They referred to me as the Lioness – protecting her cubs!

What’s most important to you about your role within HR?

Knowing that I have done the right thing, as opposed to being right. In HR it’s not always about taking the easiest option, and its imperative to balance, the Company’s objectives, managing people process, and keeping the business out of harm`s way.

I know that I am adding value when I get home and I reflect on all the positive things I have achieved, and when my mind is racing of what we can do next!

I am in a privileged role where I do have the autonomy to improve the workplace, and to lead by example. Hopefully, I am a good role model!

What are your objectives as a department moving forward?

Lots more on well-being; covering financial and mental health. Embedding the Performance Management Framework which envelopes the Company Strategy down through Operational Plans and KPI’s and then to objectives and performance reviews.

We are busy embedding the requirements of the “Good Work Plan” and utilising Bamboo HR to make people processes more efficient.

We are also continuing with the plans to have a fully qualified workforce – this is each agent/advisor to have an NVQ Level 2 in place as a minimum, and of course wave 2 of the LDP.

I’m also actively involved in looking at our Social Responsibility and giving back to the local community. There’s lots of stuff in the pipeline that will support our growth and development as well as giving back to the Bassetlaw are. We are looking at partnerships. initiatives with the IWork Team who support colleagues with Learning Difficulties with work experience, and the Worksop Resource Centre!

What’s been key to your success in achieving the award?

It sounds cheesy, but having an organisation, that is open to such initiatives and having an SLT that allows me to be me and to run with it.

I think to have a good working relationship with John, also allows me to scope to bring his ideas and suggestions to life. As always, nothing could be done without the people!