Giving back to our communities, both local and the wider global community, is core to our values; from supporting the victims of Typhoon Haiyan to fundraising for local charities, we are eager to help.

Here at The DDC Group, we have always said our people are at the heart of what we do, and Lesley Pike of DDC OS UK is the living proof of that. Recently, Lesley and her husband spent her week-long vacation in Gambia volunteering. All of us were heart-warmed to hear that Lesley and her husband choose to spend their holidays in the likes of Kenya, Morocco and Egypt volunteering and donating good to the communities in need. After seeing a TV segment on Gambia, Lesley felt compelled to head over there and support in any way she could.

Whilst in Gambia, they visited local schools and nurseries much to the delight of the local children who asked for nothing, but of course were greatly appreciative of the donations. Naturally, there were some harrowing scenes making it an emotional trip but reinforcing the need for acts of kindness such as this.

When word spread at DDC OS UK about Lesley’s latest adventure, people were keen to help. Amongst the donations was a £100 voucher to be used to buy equipment for the children. A suitcase of toothbrushes, pencils, stationery, workbooks and underwear made the trip. These items are basics to many of us, but they will make a huge difference to these communities.

A nice and unexpected touch was the joy in one school over a calendar that was donated. The school only had one calendar, so the addition of a sports car edition was well received!

Lesley has often shown her charitable side here at DDC OS UK, being a key person in helping us to raise money for our charity of the year. We are all proud of her and all the efforts of the DDC family in supporting the wider communities we work in.

Donations ready to deliver:

Lesley embracing the children:

Playground fun: