After looking at the impact the GDPR would have on our daily productivity, in part two, we turn our attention to how it might help encourage a culture shift in companies handling data.

The GDPR will affect employees at the majority of levels within an organisation handling personal identifiable data (PID), educating people in the correct way is of vital importance to the continued security of this data. Past processes that were just seen as the ‘norm’ may now actually result in uncompliant behaviour, and this is where that education across an organisation is vital. All staff handling PID must understand the new processes and legislation and the consequences of not complying.

Companies must make a decision on how to encourage staff to engage with these changes, this can come in the form of contractual changes, reward or in some cases punishment. A recent study by Veritas asked 900 respondents how their organisations might look to encourage the shift to the age of GDPR and the results included amongst others;

  • Adding responsibility to employee contracts 47%
  • Reward schemes 34%
  • Restricting access to data 31%

GDPR technology will certainly play a part supporting such a big culture shift. That is why we have been implementing our RiskView tool across The DDC Group and to our clients. The detailed reporting suite locates documents within your data estate that contain PID, non-compliant documents are brought to your attention through self-check reports produced after the scan, allowing recognition of the type of errors that can be made that lead to GDPR non-compliance. This tool is vital for us in not only preparing for the GDPR but in supporting our ongoing compliance requirements. Improve user accountability across your organisation now with RiskView, or at least explore the ways in which it can support your particular needs.

The rewards for getting GDPR right could be exciting, with a better reputation, through to improved customer loyalty. And for those that fail to comply, it could be an uphill struggle. Implement GDPR technology now and take the right approach to your data compliance, contact us to discuss DDC RiskView.