The countdown to GDPR continues to tick away while companies either scramble towards compliance or drift aimlessly and carefree into non-compliance. With each passing day comes another whitepaper, another blog or expert opinion. So, here’s one more to add to the count…

Here at The DDC Group we are focused and well on our way to a smooth transition into GDPR life. This has been aided by the use of technology, drastically reducing the man hours we first anticipated. A recent study by Senzing really highlighted the need for companies to understand their risks and act now. Some of the key findings showed:

  • On average it will take a company 172 hours per month to handle the expected volume of GDPR related inquiries. Broken down, this works out to 8 hours per day, a full working day!
  • 12% of companies are not confident that they know where all their customer data is.
  • With only 47% very confident.

How many companies can absorb that kind of impact? How many employees have 8 hours to spare to handle this? If they do, it might be reasonable to ask what they currently do! GDPR insists that we know where our data is, certain, not ‘very confident’.

As has been the long-standing solution to excessive man hours, the answer is to turn to technology that will allow for automation of much of the required work. This will allow the focus to remain on remediation rather than having to manually locate the issues. DDC Analytic Solutions have been rolling out a tool to support this exact cause – RiskView-.

RiskView has been designed to search your data estate for non-compliant data and then categorise it based on its level of risk, ensuring the focus is on those areas most exposed. Take a deep dive into your data or just skim the surface with the customisable dashboard, either way, you certainly don’t need to be a compliance expert.

Tick a few more of the required GDPR boxes with RiskView;

  • Pull reports to show data protection impact assessments (DPIA) and general preparation for the new regulation and an ongoing commitment to data security.
  • RiskView will provide you with the location of all non-compliant files, saving thousands of hours of manual work.
  • Use RiskView as a continual observation tool to ensure ongoing compliance.

So, are you ready? Can you handle the potential impact? If not feel free to get in touch, alternatively, if you’ve had a good experience with any other GDPR technology share the knowledge, we are always looking to learn and improve.

DDC RiskView – Privacy by Design, so you don’t have to spend thousands of hours looking for non-compliant data from within your vast data estate.