To celebrate The DDC Group’s 30th anniversary, employees are being encouraged to support a range of giveback initiatives, equating to 30 days.

 Auction Supported by New Era Caps

Each year our retail customer service team receive a range of products, including clothing and accessories to help provide a better and more knowledgeable experience for the customers. To help raise money, our team in Bosnia organised an auction of the past years stock. This particular fundraising activity raised over 2000KM (est. £900).

A huge thank you must go to New Era Caps for supporting this auction, allowing us to use some of their products. A sign of our great ongoing partnerships.

 Donation of unused IT equipment

Naturally, the solution we provide often rely on the latest technology, and we all know how fast that can move. We hate to see any of that technology go to waste, so it was great to see the team in Bosnia donate ten desktop computers to Elementary school “Hamza Humo” near Zenica.

The school previously had two outdated computers, so this offered significant improvement. The team are already preparing and packing the next donation! Thank you to everyone involved in this project.

Local Food Bank

Over the festive period, our UK team rallied together to collect vast amounts of food to donate to the local food bank. In what has been a growing need across the UK, food banks have become essential for many families; it was great to see the response from the team. The donation was gratefully accepted, and a huge thanks must go out to the team for helping at what can be a challenging time for many.