Here at DDC Outsourcing Solutions UK, we like to stay ahead of the curve to ensure that we can offer our clients services that not only support them now but through any upcoming changes and challenges.

The following trends were identified in a recent article by Charity Digital News, accessible here.

Mobile Giving

Statistics suggest that last year alone the industry missed out on £1.5bn in donations by not offering donors a fully mobile experience. Charities simply cannot afford to lose out on this volume of funding. So how can they look to improve this?

There are many online resources including Google, that can offer charities advice on becoming mobile-ready. But what of the next steps, mobile apps and so on? Whilst initially it may seem a costly exercise, in reality, the investment vs the lost donations can be insignificant.

DDC OS has worked with a number of clients on mobile innovations too, including a mobile app game, all of which can be built and maintained through DDC Digital Solutions who have built a variety of apps improving engagement every day.

Contactless Donations

Contactless payments are now a part of everyday life, but it doesn’t seem so long ago every payment required a chip and pin. Charities are now looking to leverage this payment method to gain more funding. You may have already seen in shopping malls and such, contactless donation points for various charitable funds, and if you haven’t yet in time you will.

This kind of equipment is becoming more and more affordable as it turns out to be the chosen payment method for millions, so it may be the time for charities to consider this new approach for spontaneous donations.


43% of charities, community groups and social entrepreneurs reported that they were likely to use crowdfunding in the next 12 months. Crowdfunding is used to raise money from lots of smaller sources rather than traditional investments. It`s easy to get involved, either to offer to fund or to seek it and has been a successful tool for many start-ups.

It’s now becoming an interesting avenue for charities; can they harness this to reach particular fundraising targets? Will it be a method too similar to JustGiving and so on? None the less it provides yet another avenue for fundraising for a new generation of donors.

The team at DDC Charity Solutions have been discussing crowdfunding with many of our charity clients to see how they can support in setting up their own sites to enable them to tap into this emerging tool.

How can we help?

Naturally, with new processes comes new enquiries and teething issues. Whilst many of our charity clients use us for back office processing, such as data capture and donation processing, we continually look to support them with Supporter Care solutions. Outsourcing customer services is a common practice in many industries, albeit not yet in the charity sector.

With these new trends, we are likely to see a rise in customer contact, further, the younger generation expects new channels of communication to be available sooner and longer than ever before. Managing a variety of communication channels without investing in various technologies is a huge challenge. Partnering with an outsourcer still grants you control of your brand and your dedicated team will be true brand ambassadors but is a much more cost-efficient method in the long term.

To discuss any of your digital transformation requirements, or supporter care issues, please get in touch.