Direct Data Capture. Although, this is a real throwback to when we started 30 years ago. Our business has developed substantially since then. You can learn more about our journey on the About Us page.

We are a business process outsourcer. We provide solutions, Customer Experience and Business Processing Services.

In today’s ever-changing business process outsourcing landscape, The DDC Group offers a unique hybrid of onshore, nearshore and offshore services.

Originally founded on the bedrock of low-cost offshore data processing in 1989, the company has guided clients over the past two decades through innovation cycles and now boasts a diverse offering of technology-enabled, knowledge-based solutions.

The DDC Group combines solutions that deliver the results our clients want with the customer service they deserve. Our wide array of resources and deep connections with key influencers in strategic regions and sectors allow us to be the most flexible and innovative provider on the market.

We have locations all over the globe from the USA to Asia and Europe. All with various capabilities, they are strategically placed to ensure we can offer our clients the most effective solutions. Learn more about our locations here.

We are regularly recruiting, and all new positions are shared on our careers page, where you can learn more about the benefits of working for DDC OS.

Absolutely! Our main channel of communication is LinkedIn but, we are also available on Facebook and YouTube.

Our hybrid solution provides you with options, from onshore, nearshore and offshore, or a mixture. We work with you to determine where your project best sits and tailor the solution to that.

The history of Bosnia is well documented. What isn’t, is its dramatic rise as a multicultural hub of skilled and caring people. As many have returned home after spending much of their life in neighbouring European countries, the people have brought with them a wealth of language skills and excellent levels of education. We have utilised this by creating a multilingual service centre that continues to grow and smash client expectations year on year.

We understand that this is a key concern for organisations looking to outsource. We work hard with you and the team to ensure your brand values are engrained into our approach. We have built a hugely successful reputation over the past 30 years, all because we take your projects personally.

Yes, absolutely. We work across a wide variety of systems. Alternatively, we can suggest platforms that best fit your requirements.

DDC OS are both agile and flexible and will develop a solution to meet your needs. However, we usually suggest a minimum team size of 3-5 agents depending on the requirement. As all solutions are tailored to each client, we recommend giving us a call and we can discuss your requirement in more detail.

Our robust onboarding project for implementation takes roughly 6-12 weeks in most cases, from initial sign off to project to go live. However, our flexible approach allows us to support our clients with tighter deadlines where possible.

Utilising our hybrid delivery model, we can offer 24/7/365 cover.

DDC OS have been processing sensitive personal data for our clients for many years. Therefore, we have put in place an appropriate level of security with regards to our IT systems, our procedures and our people. As well as being ISO27001 certified (and certified in a range of other areas), we work with our clients to create a fully secure process that is put in place to protect all parties.

That, and much more. We are better described as a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Solution provider. As a company, we have our roots deep in the field of data capturing using OCR and manual labour to provide the best solutions. Over the last 30 years, this has developed into a wide variety of services. These days we employ thousands of customer service agents, doctors, engineers, administrative experts and legal experts. We focus on making our clients lives easier by taking over and optimising back-office processes.

In a word: Yes. DDC OS will match the process to your wishes. Combining the right technology, with the right people, in the right location, we offer a blend of cost-effective and high-quality solutions. Rigorous quality control, feedback and training procedures are at the heart of our organisation.