The Solution

Providing Clients With Specialist Digitisation Solutions

Whether as part of an integrated data-gathering plan or as an individual element, DDC OS can offer flexible, high quality, high capacity document scanning and digitisation capabilities.


Creating High-Quality Digitisation Services

Our continuous investment into specialist digitisation technologies enables us to provide clients with state of the art document digitisation systems. This leads to a cost-effective and efficient service. This further enables us to scan a wide variety of documents, size and thickness is no issue; from receipts to huge blueprints, to documents a hundred years old, DDC OS can adapt to your needs.

Outputting is also available in a number of ways; black and white or colour, and can be output in a variety of standard formats. Our digitisation capabilities mean we can adjust to meet your demands, scanning up to half a million documents per day.

Our OCR and ICR capabilities are used for data discovery and extraction purposes and will append specified data to each electronic file to make it searchable.


  • Efficiency
    Digitisation allows multiple user access to a centralised document store, allowing version control and stopping duplication. Paper copies can be lost or misplaced, whereas, digital files can be accessed from anywhere, with a complete audit trail to show who has accessed and updated documents.

  • Disaster Recovery & Compliance
    Is your data safe? What would you do if a disaster occurred that rendered your documents unusable? Would you remain compliant if you lost your archived documents? Converting your files to a digital format, and adding security functionality such as encryption, passwords, and access levels will ensure your documents remain safe from disaster and compliant at all times.

  • Improved Service & Flexibility
    Having instant access to files means that the latest version is always available and up to date. In the time that is saved not having to search for files, more customers can be helped. 

  • Reduced Overheads & Space
    Paying for expensive storage space, and indeed, the costs associated with staff travelling to storage areas and searching for files, are issues that can be eliminated by digitisation. All files are instantly available to employees without them having to leave their workstation.

Case Study

Successfully converting the live paper files to digital ones has allowed Midland Heart to make use of an easily accessible and manageable document management system, that will not only provide them with valuable extra space across the 7 sites but will also provide them with significant cost benefits over the next 5-6 years. The project has also been an exercise in file organisation, highlighting missing files and parts of files.

It has been a first rate experience working with DDC OS. They focus on building and maintaining relationships which has been evident throughout the project as they have been flexible and provided invaluable advice when required. We have received numerous compliments from staff that have worked with DDC OS at the sites adopting Paperlite. We are looking forward to working with them moving forward.

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