DDC Charity Solutions work daily with a range of charities representing various worthy causes, but all share common struggles and challenges, two significant challenges are engaging younger supporters and increasing income streams.

Lloyds Bank UK Business Digital Index found that, in 2016, 58% of charities did not have basic digital skills. Many charities are now recognising this issue and have started to realise the benefits of investing in digital communication channels. In a world where donors expect a variety of channels to be available when engaging with charities, where due to mobile technology this engagement should be fast, it should be now – will charities use this as an opportunity to help create lasting relationships with first-time donors or find themselves struggling to keep standing?

Let’s take a look at some of the areas we have been supporting charities…


Current research conducted by the Institute of Fundraising found that donors are 71% more likely to give a contact permission if the donation page is branded with the charity rather than a generic giving platform such as Justgiving. This is currently stimulating the significant rise worldwide in branded crowdfunding sites.

Given these findings and the rise in the demand of people using online platforms such as Justgiving, this has prompted us to look at investing in supporting charities to set up a branded crowdfunding site. Branded crowdfunding sites enable charities to take control of the information and messages they want donors and supporters to see, compared to the often very basic and potentially incorrect or misleading messages posted on generic platforms. DDC CS can support charities to promote campaigns and services via the site which can include links to the charities website and requests for more information to be sent.


In May 2018 GDPR came into effect, the regulations will apply to all businesses handling personal identifiable data (PID), which of course includes charities! Every penny that comes into a charity is vital, so risks cannot be taken with GDPR breaches.

DDC CS has the ability to utilise a tool known as DDC RiskView, designed with GDPR in mind. Simplify the analysis of your data estate and associated risks and locate the files that are preventing your company from complying with the GDPR now and ongoing.

Online Shop

The relentless growth in online sales is assured, charitable growth is not. Charities can and should embrace the trend of online shopping, personalisation and community engagement. By tailoring content to increase personalisation, transparency and promoting community engagement, charities could thrive in the digital age.

DDC CS have been looking at new innovative ways for charities to engage with their supporters, reach a wider audience demographic and generate additional income streams. This has led us to create an online shopping application concept whereby supporters can sell unwanted goods with all of the proceeds going directly to the charity. This could also be used by charities that hold charity shop stock to reach a wider audience.

The application will also be branded to the specific charity with links to the charity’s website and include advertisements for recent campaigns.

Google Ad Grant Support

Google Ad Grants offer $10,000 worth of free click advertisements to charities and not-for-profit organisations to drive traffic to the charities website and encourage potential new donors. DDC CS can help and support charities manage the full end to end process from setting up to reporting on the effectiveness of the advertisements and make regular adjustments to maximise the effectiveness of the Google Ad Grant. 

Social Listening

Due to limited resources charities can find it difficult to engage with supporters across the many channels available. By implementing a social listening platform charities can easily manage all social media channels using one dashboard. This would give access to:

  • Supporter feedback – positive and negative
  • Online chat/web support
  • Advanced search function
  • Statistics
  • Real-time feedback notifications
  • Charity brand awareness and protection related to negative press
  • Monitor other charities for trends and ideas
  • Establish public support indicators prior to emergency campaign launch

Social media listening is just one element of the DDC OneView solution which is born out of the need to provide clients with a system capable of bringing together customer data in one place and creating business-critical insights from that data. 

If you’d like to learn more about any of the topics we’ve covered please feel free to get in touch.