The Solution

Our Digital Mailroom Solution Encompasses A Variety Of Services

Our digital mailroom service is designed to handle all forms of inbound communication; whether that be email, paper mail, web communications and so on, all pass through the Digital Mailroom and are organised accordingly.


Reduce Operational Costs With Our Digital Mailroom

Digital Mailroom solutions require the ability to handle a range of different document types, these may be; structured, unstructured or semi-structured. Our trusted digital mailroom technologies can control and categorise all communications and in most cases, the information is passed to the relevant departments within 24 hours. With live processing and delivery, the process is completely transparent.

Services that make up our digital mailroom include; data capture, multimedia response handling, scanning, document hosting, document classification.

5 Reasons to go ‘Paperlight’

A Digital Mailroom Solution

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  • Increased Efficiency
    A rapid flow of information including instant and correct distribution of documents. Staff no longer have to spend excessive time searching for the correct information.

  • Improved Managerial Visibility & Control
    Through rationalising the circulation of information the Digital Mailroom enables managers to monitor workloads and SLA’s for more effective resource allocation.

  • Reduced Operational Costs
    Achieved through improved utilisation of man-hours, reducing the cost of physical storage and through shortening transaction cycles.

  • A Paper-Light Office
    It is unlikely companies will ever become truly paperless, but a digital mailroom helps reduce the reliance on it. In turn, improving your green credentials.

  • Secure Environment
    Avoid any loss of information through damaged paper documents with our digital mailroom.

  • Consistent Information Handling
    With set processes in place, the digital mailroom ensures documents are handled correctly each time.

Case Study

South East Water who supply over 2 million homes with water, said of our Digital Mailroom service;

Our business relies on the swift processing of high volume, low-value cheque payments from customers into our bank account with appropriate control and visibility of all transactions

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