As DDC MLS continues to evolve and grow with a wide range of projects, we were delighted to reward our top performers for 2017.

We are eternally grateful for the hard work and effort displayed by the whole team each day. Here at DDC MLS we will always value our people, and the part they play in helping us achieve such brilliant results for our clients.

Here is the list of our top performers throughout 2017.

Agent Position
Lamija Horozic Team Leader
Esma Alagic Team Leader
Ahmed Baftiroski Team Leader
Nerima Hodzic Team Leader
Midhat Saljic Team Leader
Elvira Barucija Team Leader
Benisa Bjelic Backup Team Leader
Ajdin Memidzan Backup Team Leader
Elda Avdic Backup Team Leader
Lejla Redzic QC agent
Anel Bajramovic QC agent
Adil Merdic QC agent
Adela Sosic QC agent
Ana Soja QC agent
Sejla Stroil QC agent
Ajla Becic QC agent
Azra Pervan QC agent
Selma Aljovic DE/QA agent
Mirza Hodzic CEX agent


Congratulations to everyone, we can’t wait to see who shines in 2018.