Since 1989 we have worked in the Philippines and our involvement there only continues to
grow, with 10 facilities and over 3500 staff. The Philippines has proved to be a fantastic business experience for us, with the kind nature and astute business minds of the people creating a great working relationship. We operate in 2 locations across the Philippines,
Manila and Leyte, the latter of which was devastated by a Typhoon in 2013.
Recently, Nicola Hopkins one of our CRM’s visited the team in the Philippines with a client,
Brandbank. Whilst there they kept a diary to share the experience with us. They managed to
capture some of the most special moments on camera to really display our close
relationship with the people and the place. During this week they made sure to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of our working relationship!

Monday – Manila

Brandbank – After working with the team for so long, the client was excited and rather
emotional when finally meeting the team. Chatting to the people was very insightful to see
how DDC operate outside of the UK and more importantly how the Filipino team coped
after the typhoon. During a presentation, the client felt reassured that they had understood
the requirements and the level of questions they asked proved this. Nicola – “The amount of happy smiling faces as you walked through the production area was
a fantastic sight, I’ve rarely seen so many happy faces in one working environment! The
setup of the office and the organisation of the team was instantly noticeable. As a special
thank you to the agents and to celebrate our fifth anniversary we had a huge Pizza lunch for
all! A presentation followed where a variety of awards were presented. Most notably our
NOA award was presented to the team and this now has pride of place in the boardroom.
Overall the first day was a massive WOW from all of us!”
Tuesday – Manila
Brandbank – Today was an important day for the client as they engaged in many discussions
with the team that provided them with valuable feedback to use on future projects. They
looked at proactive ways to enhance projects, which was aided by the face to face
communication. They used, this time, to encourage Leah and Aileen (Team Leads) that their
opinions were important and very welcome. Once they were aware of some of the issues
the team were facing, they were able to react instantly, initiating changes that made an
almost immediate impact. Nicola – “I was able to see first-hand how much work goes into requests. It gave me great
confidence that responses were based on stats and facts which made it a realistic response.
It was fantastic to see the team relax and get to know us.”
Wednesday – Leyte
Brandbank – The client was highly impressed with the team in Leyte, they were efficient
and many stood out as real stars with great potential as future leaders. The state of the art
office came as a particular shock. Whilst being impressed with the operation and staff, the
client held thoughts of the devastation the people had seen and experienced and felt pride
at how well the people had coped. Wrapping the day up, Brandbank’s representatives were
totally overwhelmed by Leyte, the beauty and devastation all rolled into one made it an
“exceptional place.” Nicola – “The building, WOW!! It’s amazing. State of the art, I’m so very impressed.
The team leaders are great, they really know their stuff, I was very proud of them.
Considering they work so closely with the team in Manila, who are miles away they are so
on the ball and have a total understanding of the project and what’s required. The team are
so friendly and very professional. We carried out an “internal lessons learned exercise”
which we had also done with the team in Manila and it was refreshing to see they were
experiencing the same problems; shows how in sync they are with each other.”
This day saw the trip come to and end for Nicola, Lisa and Karen. They took the time to
explore Leyte, feeling at times pure heartbreak and others sheer inspiration.
The trip was invaluable for Brandbank and Nicola, it was another step in the close
relationship we share. Our relationship with the team in the Philippines can only continue to

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