Here at DDC OS, we love to reward our team and their achievements through our DDC Heroes scheme. All of our winners enjoy great prizes, and we love to share their stories with you all. Today we share our 2020 Heroes so far…

In January it was a real team effort from one of our utilities back office teams; nominated for their ability to adapt, their dedication and positivity. The team received multiple nominations by many different members of staff for the shining example they were setting on a new project.

In January, we were delighted to also reward Jane Gilmour and Malcolm Macleod, getting the year off to a great start. Jane and Malcolm received several nominations after working out of hours to ensure our latest BPO training on GDPR was created and delivered effectively. With GDPR being such an essential aspect of our day to day business, their drive to make the training as engaging and relatable as possible was noted by many.

February’s hero was Cheryl Brown, a former member of our HR team. Cheryl had been instrumental in recent recruitment drives; her commitment and efforts were truly commendable. We also took this time to mention the achievements of our wider HR team as February became a very busy period, and it was great to see how they worked together to deliver exceptional results.

February for the first time we did something a little different! We nominated and awarded a ‘Superhero’. Karl McManus was asked to support one of our largest customer service campaigns by travelling to Sarajevo, Bosnia. It was his first visit, and he was recognised throughout the week for his incredible work ethic and approach. Unfortunately, as the time came for Karl to return home, the Covid-19 pandemic had begun. Due to company and governmental travel restrictions, Karl was given a choice to continue working in Bosnia or to return home to self-isolation. He made the brave decision to stay and continue working to return home weeks later. We felt such a selfless act was deserving of a Superhero award.

In March we chose to recognise all our DDC colleagues for the great work and effort, they had put in; from helping our teams to work remotely, to our mental health first aiders supporting everyone and many more. It would be unfair to recognise just one person as a hero when every member of the DDC team had, and continues to have, such an impact on how the company runs day to day.

DDC Heroes is a scheme that fills us with great pride, and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings from our fantastic team of heroes!