A staggering 90% of consumers expect companies to have an online portal for customer service. Are you prepared to support that 90%?

For many companies, the investment needed to launch their own app is just too large for them to take this important step in their multi channel digital communication strategy; But in a recent study from the IDC published by Forbes, 85% of enterprise decision-makers believe that significant inroads into digital transformation need to be made within the next two years or companies face falling behind competitors or suffering financially.

At DDC OS we work across many sectors including retail, utilities, charities and travel and these statistics are all-too familiar within these industries. This is why we are proud to launch our latest solution… DDC Community.

DDC Community is a customisable white label app available to download via iOS or android. It provides a powerful and direct communication service that delivers on the businesses communication strategy and engagement promise. This game-changing app platform allows brands to launch highly functional, customised mobile applications at a fraction of the cost and time it would normally take.

The app is already fully functioning and working effectively for many brands on their engagement journey. The software and features can be easily configured and transfer to other sectors.

These features include:


All of these features ensure you are driving customer engagement and launching yourselves to new customer and new revenue streams. But there are many more benefits to Using DDC Community to continue your digital transformation journey:

Enhance customer experience.

Recent figures show that there are 4.5 billion people across the world using apps; that’s over half of the world population. With around 90% of consumers looking for an online customer service portal, what better way to provide this than via an app?

Reducing time and investment needed to get to market.

There is currently still significant cost time and technical barriers to getting high quality mobile applications to the market. DDC Community solve this problem by allowing businesses to launch their own highly functional, branded apps, that sits on the DDC Community platform.

Scale as your business grows. 

Knowing you need an app but not knowing all of your requirements is a common predicament; it can often lead most businesses down the custom code route in the belief as we scale we can add features. Working with an unknown scope is invariably more costly and leads to transitioning to a low code approach. DDC Community offers the best of both worlds; turn on what you need and pay as you grow for switching on new features. The platform is continually supported and maintained, so all customers gain access to world-class apps at a fraction of the cost of building something of their own.

Rich insights to drive product or service development.

Most platforms are built with analytics and the gold of data as an afterthought. DDC Community has been built from the data layer up, so the user insights you require are embedded in the product. So whatever your line of business you have the capability to think of growth and what next, from enhancing your current or informing the rollout of new products.

DDC Community is available either as a standalone product to integrate seamlessly into your current customer service solution, or as a fully managed solution, handled by our experienced and dedicated team of customer support agents, so the business won’t need to stretch internal resources further to handle this additional communication solution. As with all of our outsourced Customer Lifecycle solutions, our extensive experience means businesses can be confident that their brand tone and message is being communicated as if the customer were dealing with the business directly.

The app is also hosted by DDC OS and has all of the industry standard accreditations such as ISO, GDP are and PCI compliance, so you can rest assured the solution is secure and safe.