Co-op Energy stepped in as the supplier of last resort for customers of GB Energy Supply (GBES) when it failed towards the end of 2016. This was a high-risk project for the company and the win at the Utility Week Awards 2017 for Customer Care is a just reward for the hard work and dedication that followed.

To ensure ease and continuity for customers, Co-op continued to work with DDC Outsourcing Solutions who had been providing great service to the 160,000 customers. It was a difficult time for the team at DDC OS, so it was exciting to be able to continue the hard work in partnership with Co-op Energy. DDC OS continued to be solely responsible for the customer service side of the GBES brand.

DDC OS has been working seamlessly with the Co-op to improve the whole customer experience, since that turbulent period in 2016 and this has reaped benefits for all involved particularly the customers. In recent weeks we have seen Futures Energy go through similar troubles, as an industry we can only hope this isn’t going to become a new norm, however, should the situation arise, much can be learnt from the work that has taken place on GB Energy Supply.

Congratulations to all involved and long may the success continue.

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