What is Ofgem`s Communications Review? 

All businesses have an obligation to provide their customers with the right information at the right time and in the right format to enable them to make informed choices. In energy, this enables customers to manage their consumption and costs and as technologies and digital services advance.

Ofgem has recognised its need to change the rulebook and is aiming to remove significant amounts of prescriptive regulation here, including:

  • Specific wording of the cheapest tariff message
  • Information required on bills
  • Removing the requirement for an Annual Statement

These changes will give suppliers the flexibility to design more engaging communications and tailor information to customers, including those in vulnerable situations.

Ofgem is also looking to remove some requirements for timings of communications, such as contract changes and details around cheaper tariffs. Suppliers would be required to provide information at ‘key engagement points’ rather than a set number of days. Putting the onus on suppliers to determine when to provide this information. DDC Outsourcing Solutions UK (DDC OS), sees this as an opportunity to fully plan and deliver a robust retentions strategy, meeting the requirements set out by these principles, while optimising customer communications and associated resource.

There will also be a number of opportunities for suppliers to adapt communications to customer preferences, including consumption patterns, technology type, billing frequency, payment method, location, as well as, how regularly customers engage and switch suppliers.

In summary, the main opportunities we have identified here at DDC OS are as follows:

  • Flexibility in content, style, wording and formatting of communications
    • Creating a better brand identity that can retain customers and boast a USP and brand style.
  • Timing of communications
    • Allowing suppliers to be more strategic in their customer communication approach
  • Meeting the characteristics and preferences of customers
    • Making messages and communications more engaging and effective

Operationally, DDC OS can support your business to take on these types of changes to communications and become your partner of choice for encouraging and enabling engagement in the right way, at the right time, with the right customers.

Our team can provide our client’s customers, not only with solutions to industry problems but also assistance and advice in a supportive manner. We can make bills and billing information fast and accurate and make sure the end customer gets the information they need, at the right time and in the appropriate format.

DDC OS is able to provide a bespoke combination of communication services for all retail energy suppliers in the following areas:

  • Outbound telephone calls that are compliant and contain the necessary information
  • Sales and Retentions strategy and delivery abiding by all applicable licence conditions
  • Correspondence and communication design and authorship
  • Text and Mail fulfilment (including audio and larger print formats)

Our modular approach allows you to utilise our services to support a specific area such as communications, or, take advantage of our end to end managed service. 

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