Our Experience in the Charity Sector

The Charity Sector is currently facing a number of challenges across the board. None more so than that of the ever-changing economic environment, which has contributed to rising demand for Charity Sector services; yet also to a significant decline, in real terms, in a number of key income streams for Charities.

  • Government funding cuts are filtering through to the Charity Sector, affecting both grant and donor funding, further increasing the pressure charities face to secure income.
  • With disposable income declining in the UK over recent years, consumer spending has reduced, with charitable donations then following suit.
  • Non-restricted funds raised can become tied up in back office processes and non-core activities, thus reducing the amount spent on mission-related activities that are essential in driving fundraising.

DDC OS UK currently work with a number of leading Charities in the UK, delivering services that enable these civil society organisations to function in a financially constrained environment, without the operational and managerial burdens associated with back office administration.

Outsourcing in the Charity Sector

Below is the range of services we provide.