The client

TNS is a world leading market research and market information group. A division of Kantar, one of the world’s largest insight, information and consultancy groups; TNS operates on a truly global scale, providing both custom and continuous research to local and multinational organisations, spanning over 80 countries. TNS’ UK division is a leading supplier of consumer panel, TV audience measurement and media intelligence services.

The challenge

As providers of purchasing information on all main grocery markets in the UK, TNS required a company to collect product and pricing information from shopper till receipts, which are received in a variety of formats; both in terms of size, shape and content. With the grocery market highly dynamic in nature, and consumer shopping trends ever changing; the speed and accuracy of data capture were of paramount importance to TNS, with a real need for consistent and reliable data in quick turnaround times.

The transition process from our previous supplier to DDC OS UK was handled in a personal but professional manner which enabled us to change quickly, with no loss in service, and allowed us to reap the benefits in a short time period.

The solution

DDC Outsourcing Solutions UK (DDC OS) has provided TNS with a highly efficient and cost-effective on-shore / off-shore hybrid solution. UK panel members send in electronic images of receipts. The images are then securely transmitted to our advanced facility in Manila, where operators manually capture the required data; following a set of strict validation rules to limit the data capture to only relevant, pre-agreed information. All files are returned to TNS via FTP within a 48-hour period, with this being reduced to just 24-hours at critical reporting times.

The benefits

  • The hybrid solution has the flexibility to cope quickly with changes in till receipt formats, effectively respond to changes in client requirements and increases the data freshness.
  • The end to end solution is fully auditable and includes stringent quality measures and validation.
  • Our accuracy levels consistently hit a minimum of 99%, exceeding both industry standards and SLA.


DDC OS UK has created a solution which has enabled them to deliver consistent, high-quality results to TNS across a number of years. Such is the quality of the data provided; TNS have been able to increase by 50%, on average, the number of valid price lines captured.

DDC OS UK manage approximately 2.2 million till receipts per year, with data capture accuracy maintained at a minimum level of 99% - consistently higher than industry standards

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