The client

South East Water supplies over 2.1 million homes with water, in the Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire areas.

DDC OS provides this large utilities client an innovative digital mailroom solution which offers cost saving and efficiencies.

The challenge

South East Water was looking for a partner to outsource their payment processing to. The requirement included receiving, handling and scanning inbound paper payment documents and the associated paper documents that accompany inbound payments, such as remittances and white mail. Expectations were around 10,000 inbound envelopes per month, and all documents needed to be processed on the date of receipt.

Our business relies on the swift processing of high volume, low value cheque payments from customers into our bank account with appropriate control and visibility of all transactions.

The solution

DDC OS provided a sophisticated solution that automated the data capture of the payment and remittance documentation. The system can handle a range of receipts including single payments with a remittance slip, multi payments with a remittance slip and solo cheque payments. Transaction Balancing and Reject Correction modules were added to the software to increase the accuracy level and allow for audit options. If there are any invalid fields or fields that have not reached a high enough confidence level the whole batch will not be passed until the batches balance.

Any cheques and corresponding remittances are scanned through the recognition system. The data file including images of cheques, are placed on the SFTP and available to the client by 3pm on the same day as receipt, so that they have the data in their customer service system in case of queries. An important aspect of the SLA is for all cheques received to be processed and to be with the Voucher Processing Centre (VPC) in Bradford by 12 Noon the following day, this allows the funds to be available in the clients bank account same as receipt.

Direct Debit mandates that are received are also sent via a data file to South East Water’s customer service system by 5pm each day.

Due to legislation, any inbound correspondence regarding payments to South East Water, must be responded to within 12 hours, and so any inbound correspondence is sorted, scanned and sent via SFTP by 12 noon daily, which gives them time to reply within their governed time frames.

The benefits

  • Maximised processing efficiency without compromising quality.
  • Realised significant costs savings in a short space of time.
  • Time sensitive targets reached.
  • Secure data processing.


DDC OS offers a consultative role to South East Water, to ensure the solution delivers all the key objectives that are important to them. DDC OS were able to combine a mixture of experience, intelligent technology and expert resource to deliver and continue to do so.

It is critical to the success of our business and our relationship with our customers that financial and non-financial information is transmitted securely and safely to our business.

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