The client

Robin Hood Energy (RHE), are the UK`s first, not for profit local authority owned energy company. Launched by the Nottingham City Council, RHE aim to tackle fuel poverty in a world of rising energy costs.

The challenge

As a new entrant into the market and a not for profit organisation, it was essential for RHE to partner with a company that had the expertise and experience to support their growth. Initially, they identified billing and back-office processes as the key areas they would need support.

As the white label side of the business began to grow, RHE had a requirement for inbound call handling that could be flexible to handle the varying volumes of contact.

Further to the above, RHE were looking for a partner to support on complaints management. These varied requirements would require an experienced, adaptable and knowledgeable outsourcing partner.

We have developed a strong working relationship with DDC OS

The solution

DDC Outsourcing Solutions UK (DDC OS), a Nottinghamshire based outsourcer, were the chosen partner for RHE. Our ability to utilise our flexibility and adaptability was a key driver behind this choice.

There have been occasions due to unexpected white label growth, that we have had to build a team in a few days. We continue to provide this kind of flexibility to handle any period of increased activity.

Fast growth can become difficult to manage if the right processes are not in place. In order to ensure this was not the case for RHE, we provided regular business intelligence and reporting to help advise them on not only changes for the processes we work with but also their own internal resource.

DDC OS` experience and knowledge of the utilities sector is always a source of added value for our clients and with RHE, this shone in helping them reduce customer contact. One element of this was to help them implement a new communications stream after a substantial increase in customers. This involved configuring a new email management tool to provide better control and service.

Despite best efforts to reduce customer contact, there will always be an element of this. So, handling it effectively when it occurs is essential. DDC OS substantially brought down wait times for incoming calls. The average speed to answer has improved and therefore so has customer satisfaction. Our team embraced RHE`s tone of voice to handle complaints in a uniformed and effective way, increasing the speed of response, in turn, reducing the number of complaints.

Our industry expertise has been vital at the acquisition stage and handling the onboarding of clients. This kind of expertise has meant that we can support the varied needs of RHE, which in such a fast-moving environment can involve weekly changes. Our experience means we are not limited in what we can support them on.

Further, we have provided support on multiple back office and industry operation related tasks, such as billing, complaints and disputed meter readings. Utilising our industry knowledge, we were able to build an efficient and compliant plan with the required skills. Our experienced billing team were able to analyse existing issues, creating an action plan to ensure correct and effective billing.

The benefits

  • Adaptable & Flexible - able to deal with peaks to support the handling of the resource.
  • Industry Specific Experience & Expertise
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Reduced Cost to Serve
  • Reduced Wait Times
  • Reduced Number of Complaints
  • Average Speed to Answer Improved 
  • Improved First Contact Resolution


DDC OS took up the challenge to support RHE in creating a strategy to reduce the cost to serve and improve compliance and continue to do so with continuous improvements. Robin Hood Energy has an ambitious plan to tackle fuel poverty and strive to do so, here at DDC OS we are delighted to be supporting them where needed to achieve their goals. As a partner based in Nottinghamshire, we are ideally placed for RHE and look forward to a continued partnership built around innovation and efficiency.

We have developed a strong working relationship with DDC OS and are able to utilise the team not only to meet call demands but also to work on a range of back-office processes as and when peaks require additional resource.

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