The client

JTF have 13 stores across the UK including a new store recently opened in Walsall. They are a membership-only shopping club open to trade and the public. Their mission is to bring outstanding value to customers along with weekly offers.

The challenge

When their new store opened in Walsall, JTF received 10,000 new membership applications – which was much higher than they initially predicted. JTF tried to capture the new applications in-house using a temporary team, but there were far too many applications and the deadline for welcome mailings was fast approaching. They found DDC OS UK via a web search and called us to see if we could help.

DDC OS was helpful from the start, guiding us quickly and efficiently through the outsourcing process and providing a service that was accurate and met the deadline.

The solution

DDC OS provided a quick turnaround for JTF. The whole project was planned out and completed within one week; this met the deadline for the welcome mailings for all the new members.

Having taken the enquiry from JTF on Friday, we collected the files from their offices on the following Monday and had started working by the Tuesday. There were 5000 forms, each requiring 24 data fields to be captured. As planned, the job was completed by Friday. The captured information was sent back to JTF as a digital file along with the original application forms.

Using DDC OS UK meant that JTF had access to an experienced and fully-qualified team, whereas previously they had been using a temporary team with limited experience. As a result, the reliability and accuracy of the captured data was improved significantly.

The benefits

  • DDC OS UK delivered a quick turnaround, planning and completing the project within one week and meeting JTF’s welcome mailing deadline.
  • The project was completed with accuracy and efficiency.
  • Reduced costs and time associated with the project.
  • Being based locally meant the logistics between companies became easier


DDC OS provided JTF with a quick and successful turnaround within one week, which met deadlines for the new store’s welcome mailings. JTF outsourcing their data capture operation helped to keep their overhead costs low whilst also ensuring that the data was captured accurately and more efficiently

Their files are now more easily accessible and more secure, and the space that was previously used for storing files can now be used for other more valuable activities.

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