The client

Christian Aid is a Christian organisation that works with people of all faiths and none and insists the world can and must be swiftly changed to one where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty. They provide urgent, practical and effective assistance where the need is great, tackling the effects of poverty as well as its root causes. Check out their website now to learn more about their cause.

The challenge

Christian Aid was already outsourcing their donation processing and response handling when their existing contract was drawing to the end of its term, Christian Aid embarked on a tender process for a new provider.  DDC OS’s experience within the Charity sector led to a successful win of the bid for providing financial and non-financial response handling and donation processing.

The dedicated team at DDC OS ensures that our briefs are fully understood before they are implemented. This allows quick turnaround time of new campaigns and emergency appeals

The solution

DDC OS handles inbound mail including financial and non-financial responses on behalf of Christian Aid. The solution developed enables efficient and cost-effective management of a range of campaigns and incorporates every aspect of response handling; receipt and sort, scanning, data capture, banking and thanking and image hosting with dynamic reporting. An extension to the service offering for donation handling is the provision of an inbound call line which provides real-time credit card donation processing.

Christian Aid Week is the single biggest door-to-door collection in Britain and Ireland and during 2014 DDC OS handled 299,500 responses from this activity delivering accurate and valuable data in a timely manner.

The benefits

  • Cost efficient solution to manage the peaks and troughs of campaign responses, especially during Christian Aid week which is one of the busiest periods of the year.
  • Donation processing time is more efficient, resulting in quicker response times to supporters and donated funds being released quickly.
  • Outsourcing with DDC OS offers Christian Aid an extension to their supporter care team.
  • DDC OS offers a range of charity solutions which means Christian Aid are able to outsource their requirements to a single provider.


A strong working relationship has developed in the time that Christian Aid has been working with DDC OS with Christian Aid seeing consistent results delivered across campaigns and Service Level Agreements being achieved regularly. The core processing activities have been stabilised and our partnership is growing from strength to strength allowing us to work together in adding next-generation digital solutions to our service portfolio.

The dedicated team at DDC OS ensures that our briefs are fully understood before they are implemented. This allows quick turnaround time for new campaigns and emergency appeal

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