The client

Bounty is a dynamic and innovative direct marketing business providing below-the-line support to major pharmaceutical companies and other leading brands and services that wish to specifically target families with young children. Its experience and expertise in developing marketing channels to this audience is based on unrivalled insight and focus in this field. It is as a result of this understanding that, for the last 48 years, Bounty has been providing valuable information for expectant and new mothers through the healthcare environment, retailers and its own channels and distributors.

The challenge

Bounty was looking for a company to manage and process responses from their ‘Club Pack’ and other direct marketing activities. Upon receipt of the responses, the chosen partner would be required to process and deliver high-quality accurate data to Bounty within 72 hours.

DDC OS manages approximately 1.7million forms per year, delivering daily outputs of captured data with accuracy levels exceeding 99.1%.

The solution

DDC OS UK created a solution utilising its advanced onshore and offshore facilities. A workflow system has been tailored to handle Bounty’s requirements with high emphasis on quality and accuracy due to the sensitivity of the client’s market. The workflow consists of receipt, document sorting and imaging of hardcopy documents all on-shore. The secure transmission of the images to our owned facilities off-shore allows for quick and accurate data capture.

The benefits

  • DDC OS UK handles over a million records every year.
  • Our accuracy levels consistently hit a minimum of 99.1% February was 99.98%, well above industry standard.
  • We have consistently delivered SLA throughout our long-term relationship.
  • The client carries out monthly internal QC on the accuracy of the data provided by DDC OS UK to ensure peace of mind.
  • We have the knowledge and experience that comes with a long-term relationship, we know their business and respect their brand.


Building a close working relationship with the client has helped DDC OS UK to understand its business requirements and manage expectations. The key requirements from the client were quality, accuracy and cost, all of which DDC OS UK has been able to deliver without one impacting the other.

As a result of the stringent procedures implemented and the experience of the dedicated team, DDC OS has designed a system which is both flexible and efficient.

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