Business Process Services primarily relates to non-client facing tasks, often administrative. These non-core business processes are usually deemed as mundane, but they are vital to ensure businesses can continue to continue with its core functions.

DDC OS built its reputation as a business processing outsourcer, and our suite of Business Process Services include Data Capture, Knowledge Processing and Back Office Processing. We also offer a range of analytic services, which can help you to unlock the potential in your business data.

All of these services can be offered in a variety of languages; you can read more about our global locations here..

Understanding that each client is unique, we offer several solutions, each of which is adaptable for individual requirements. Whether you are looking for any of the above elements as single processes, or indeed if you are looking for a more tailored solution, the benefits of outsourcing your back-office processing to DDC OS are extensive.

Take a look at our Case Studies and see how others have benefitted from improved processes and our decades of experience.

To see how DDC OS can support your business needs, as many already have, take a look below.


  • Data Capture

  • Knowledge Processing

  • Back Office