As we have all seen in recent weeks, billing issues can be a very costly problem for energy firms. It is a complex industry, and there is no hiding from it, regulations that pose a challenge to even the most forward-thinking, agile firms. Processes and data flows to make the best project managers and data engineers shed a tear. Handling all of this while trying to make some money – well it’s not for everyone. Thankfully, organisations like DDC OS exist. As specialists in supporting utility firms as an outsourcer, we are leading the way in complex industry-specific tasks. From handling customer services to Erroneous Transfers and billing, we are providing transformational services each and every day.

So, avoid massive fines and get in touch today. As a strategic partnership, let’s investigate how we can support you in achieving your objectives now and in the future.

Also, why not take a look at our Back Billing Briefing!

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