About us

DDC OS UK was established in 1989 and is part of The DDC Group. The company has grown to service a wide range of customers in sectors such as Finance, Charities, Utilities, Consumer and Public Sector. We believe our approach is what makes us different; we spend time getting to know your business to create a truly unique proposition that we know will stand the test of time.

We are proud of our reputation within the market as a leader in on-shore, offshore and near shore business processing solutions. Our management team possess a wealth of experience, which is applied in an intuitive and collaborative manner. These two elements combined are what make  DDC OS UK, the award winning company we are.

We are part of The DDC Group; a global multi-million dollar BPO and KPO company. We pride ourselves on relieving our clients’ business headaches and exceeding expectations. Our unique position allows us to not only improve our clients lives, but also that of the wider community, something we take great pride in across The DDC Group.