In a recent article, ‘Which?’, took a look at energy companies and their customer response times, across phone, email and live chat. As customer engagement becomes ever more multi-channel it makes for great reading to see how responses vary across these different methods. It’s also great to see a positive spotlight on utilities companies’ efforts to improve customer service, amongst what is normally excessively negative press coverage. Check out the article here.

In an evolving environment, it’s vital to get the right balance between human and digital customer service. The customers chosen method of contact is often related to the issues level of complexity, so understanding what has led to the enquiry in the first instance is key. Then, are the right channels available, and are the handled correctly? That being said, what did the ‘Which?’ findings show;

Call – 3m 10 s –  Average time taken to reach customer services (vs 1min 13s for sales).

Live Chat – 2m 13s – Average time taken to receive a response to live chat.

Email – 1 day 3 hrs 18m – Average response time for customer service emails.

Here at DDC OS, we are utilising our customer engagement expertise to support a number of energy companies to provide the most effective service possible across multiple channels.

It is understanding customer issues and implementing changes in response, that allows us to be the innovative and flexible partner that we are. Improving response times is important to any customer-facing company; we help our clients to do this by working closely with industry-specific tech partners, allowing us to make changes quickly, but further, actually advise on future changes that should be considered to improve these response rates even more.

We have seen a rise in the importance energy companies place on their brand image with the increased competition in the marketplace. Understanding each brand, developing the mindset and ethos into our teams during extensive training has made a big difference in enabling our clients to engage with their customers in a more personal and effective way.

Whilst good customer service is now a common expectation, as is affordable pricing. Therefore, reducing the cost to serve is more important than ever, hence the willingness of companies to invest in email and chat technologies. Through the global reach of The DDC Group, we are fortunate to be able to provide our clients with access to multiple operational centres, many languages and the latest technology to drive down costs.

If you’d like to discuss any of your experiences or opinions on customer engagement please get in touch, moreover, if you’d like to see how we can support you, get in touch!