At a time of uncertainty, the world needs its Superheroes more than ever. While many isolate and enjoy Marvel’s latest movie on Netflix for escapism, what we really need are real-life heroes. Thankfully, here at DDC OS, we are fortunate to have a new hero each and every month. However, this month is different, being cloaked as a hero sometimes doesn’t quite cut it… Introducing our very own DDC Superhero – Karl McManus.

Karl was asked to support one of our largest campaigns by travelling to Sarajevo, Bosnia and supporting our customer service team. It was his first visit, and he was highly commended for his work ethic and approach during the week.

Unfortunately, as the time came to return home, the Covid19 pandemic had begun to take hold. Due to company and governmental travel restrictions, Karl was essentially stuck. Receiving the choice to stay and continue working in Bosnia or returning home to self-isolation he chose to stay. Weeks later he remained in Bosnia continuing the excellent work, only returning home in recent days.

Karl has really shone through his performance and commitment. Simon Keeler, COO, commented:

“Karl is a fairly new member of our team, starting his first Customer Services role with the commencement of a new contract in Worksop. Soon after, he volunteered to support the rollout of a new team in Sarajevo. Throughout his time in Bosnia, Karl worked well with both the Client (who was onsite) and the new team members. His steady and mature approach added valuable and much needed support, contributing to the total success of the initiative.”    

Karl, we thank you for your work, we look forward to seeing your DDC career progress. As a reward, we hope you’ll enjoy your vouchers!

We should also take this time to thank April Hooley, who in Karl’s absence in the UK has really stepped up and supported the UK team to high standards.

It’s fantastic to see our DDC values being exemplified in this way. At this time, we thank every one of you for your ongoing commitment during this challenging time.