This month our ‘Day in the life’ piece is based on Claire Elliott, one of our Client Relationship Managers. With over 3 years of experience handling vast numbers of clients in a variety of industries, she is an invaluable member of the charities team.
Firstly, this morning I have a conference call with one of our large Charity clients that myself and Mike our IT developer are assisting on changing and updating their current data feed. This upgrade will increase the quality and accuracy of information that is sent across to the Charity and help them to identify trends within their data that can be used to enhance supporter relations and target new demographics.
Next, I will catch up with Sarah our Client Support Executive. Sarah and I work very closely together and have frequent communication so that we can keep on top of client queries and ensure a high level of client satisfaction. Off of the back of our conversation, any queries which have been highlighted or any new briefs that have landed will be added to the agenda I pull together for our weekly Operations and CRM meetings that I chair. These meetings are a great opportunity for the CRM team to meet with the Operations Team face-to-face to monitor and review SLA performance, discuss any pending client queries, to brief out any new campaigns and updates to the response handling manuals. These meetings are also used as an open forum to discuss any new ideas and innovations that the team may have.
This afternoon’s tasks include updating my Account Development Plans that I create that help me align any new services DDC may be working on with the client’s future strategic objectives. These plans also include a SWOT analysis, action plan and risk analysis and key contract information that I regularly keep updated.
My final task of the day is to review my client contact plan to help me identify which clients are due a quarterly review meeting. I like to stay in regular contact with my portfolio of clients to maintain a strong working relationship. The quarterly review meetings involve an assessment of the previous quarter’s performance and plans for the next quarter. A review of the most recent performance review scorecards will take place and any issues that may have been identified will be built into the action plan I compile in my ADP’s. A discussion will also take place regarding any new services DDC are currently working on that could add value to the client’s current service offering.

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