Darren Hill is our Operations General Manager and he has taken the time to share with us what a typical day might look like for him…

My mornings are often a case of setting out the stall for the rest of the day. After getting through some emails, I’ll chat with the charities management team to discuss workloads, resource levels and any challenges we may face during the day. I’ll then repeat this process with the BPO management team.
I like to keep in regular contact with the IT development team so that we can monitor the progress of client projects ensuring we are meeting targets. Taking all of the information I gather in these meetings, I’ll sit with the Operations Director to discuss daily and weekly positions. We will discuss existing and/or new projects we are undertaking as part of continuous improvements in operations.
At this time of year, a lot of time is spent putting the finishing touches on 2017 forecasts. This will mean spending some time with the Financial Controller to discuss revenue levels and such, and also the HR team to discuss future staffing levels. While on the topic of forecasting and reporting, I will create the monthly reports and analyse the resulting data to check operational performance is at its optimum level.
Much of the afternoon will be client focused, chatting with clients themselves and the CRM team to keep clear lines of communication flowing. This will hopefully identify improvements that I can go and implement as well as, any issues that I can then proceed to resolve.
In amongst the above, it’s a case of dealing with the day to day ad-hoc issues and queries that come with running an operations department, it’s a varied and ever-changing role which is what I really enjoy about my time here.

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