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The Solution:


Our specialist customer lifecycle solution can entail any aspect of inbound or outbound customer contact. From customer service and telephone response handling, through to sales acquisition and order taking, our end-to-end customer lifecycle solution can be tailored to take on all or any part of your customer lifecycle requirements, all handled in on our UK based centre.

We invest heavily in training and development, and we have a highly skilled workforce in terms of delivery, whether it is sales or service. We spend time at the beginning of any client partnership getting to know you and your requirements, so our customer service solutions are fully tailored to your requirements. We embrace each of your values, so we really are a true representation of your company when we pick up the phone.


We are experts at getting the best from your data, and help you to understand if data is working or not. DDC OS are reactive to data insights, ensuring your data is effectively utilised and your customer profile is accurate and up to date. We have many years of outsourced customer service experience gauging when your campaign will produce the best results, and the times/days/weeks to avoid. As a flexible, scalable team we are able to best prepare for those peaks and troughs, ensuring a cost effective model is in place at all times. Furthermore, all recovery and contingency needs can be handled.

To learn more about the different elements of our Customer Lifecycle solution please see below:

You can select any of the below aspects in order to build your personal customer lifecycle solution:


Customer Services:

  • Query management
  • Complaints
  • Issues

Functional Services:

  • Meter readings
  • Transfer issues
  • Payments
  • Changes to personal details
  • Direct Debit setup

Client Services:

  • Debt collection
  • Win Back
  • Outbound sales
  • Inbound sales



  • Voice in and out
  • Email management
  • Web chat
  • Social Media management
  • SMS
  • Analytics (MI & Reporting; CSat, NPS)



  • Survey
  • Quality Assurance
  • Social listening
  • Voice & text analytics
  • Social Media management
  • All-encompassing MI
  • Trend Analytics
  • Focus group management
  • Benchmarking
  • Industry Standards


Reduce Expenditure

Achieved through a reduction in the cost of facilities and personnel as well as access to latest technology for call handling, recording and management information.

Increased Capacity and Flexibility

Rapid access to new and existing markets as well as access to existing technology and human resources enabling quicker ramp-ups or downs depending on the market.

Improved Customer Experience

With successful projects completed and ongoing, DDC OS have proven customer models that can be implemented to ensure the highest standards. To support this endeavour, staff are supported by the latest technology that allows for clear multi-channel communication and efficient workflow. These elements lead to improved CSAT & NPS.

Continuous Improvement

Using data insights and customer service experience we are able to continually analyse a project, recommending and implementing value adding improvements.

Efficient and Accurate Consolidation of Inbound Data

Using a variety of processes, staff are always where they need to be in order to speed up and improve customer interactions. By handling this side of the business, you have the opportunity to concentrate on your core business services rather than using expansive resource elsewhere.

GB Energy experienced our Customer Lifecycle services

Having supported us through our initial business launch in 2014, there have been significant business and service demands placed on the Contact Centre. At each point, these demands have been met with resourceful and creative solutions; ones which have served to both deliver and enhance our existing customer proposition. GB Energy has seen considerable customer growth, financial and reputational success through year one and at this stage we recognise that this success and the delivery of DDC OS is synonymous.

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